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Meteorologist Tim Root



My Sign: Scorpio

The only radio station in town with our own Staff Meteorologist.  That means you always get the most up-to-date weather forecast.  Plus, breaking weather when it happens.  Weather on the Panhandle can change on a dime. Rely on accurate and detailed weather information when you need it from Meteorologist Tim Root and 104.3 ESPN Northwest Florida.

Chief Meteorologist Tim Root has been forecasting for over 35 years now. Root started back in 1971 with a college radio station in Fairfield, Connecticut when he was only 15 years old. Then went on to a much larger station in Bridgeport, Connecticut WEZN 100 FM, the number one station in Southern Connecticut at the time. Tim Root was voted by the public in 1982 as the best weather broadcaster in the state of Connecticut in a publication called The Connecticut Magazine. Tim also was the official Meteorologist for the Americans Cup back in the late 90’s. On top of all that, Tim Root was the morning weather producer and consulting Meteorologist for CBS Television in San Diego. We’ve taken Tim away from all that and now he works for us at 104.3 ESPN in Panama City.

Iron Bowl #87

Listen to Auburn vs Albama in Iron Bowl #87. Hear every bone crushing hit in ultra-high fidelity for free on 104.3 ESPN Northwest Florida. Plus,

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