Hallin Hearts, LLC

A public service announcement from ESPN Northwest Florida.

Hallin Hearts, LLC is a community based private group transportation and excursion service. Their mission? Serving our communities, businesses, local festivals and supporting residents right here in the Panama City area. Hallin Hearts offers group ride experiences for our veterans, schools, civic clubs, non for profits and the Chamber through community based activities. They’re currently seeking sponsorships for a fundraising feline field trip to the Bear Creek Feline Center April 15th. Your donation allows a student or an adult to attend. Plus, the proceeds for this trip will benefit the Bear Creek Feline Center. It’s a win win, literally. Please consider sponsoring this event with a $100 write off donation. Call 850-588-7515. That’s 850-588-7515. This public service announcement from Hallin Hearts, bearcreekfelinecenter.org and ESPN Northwest Florida