ESPN Northwest Florida, Pepsi Big Bracket Challenge

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  • The ESPN Northwest Floridia, Pepsi BIG Bracket Challenge Update. 
    • The madness has achieved critical mass. 
    • Hundreds of ESPN NWFL listeners competed to win $500 Cash From Panama City Toyota, big Apparel from Pepsi. Back back beach Chairs, Bluetooth Speakers and so many more fun prizes. 
    • 1st Place: Team name: Jenne-Dennis (1050 points)
    • $500 Gift Card & Auto Detail from Panama City Toyota
    • Mt Dew Glacier Cooler
    • Mt Dew Backpack Beach Chair
    • 2nd Place: Flip 25 (1010 points)
    • 3rd Place: Nettie-Zero (820 Points)
    • Choice Hats, Shirts, Hoodies and apparel from Mt Dew & Dr Pepper
    • Lightning USB Charger
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • And ESPN Northwest Florida Swag
    • The ESPN Northwest Florida Pepsi BIG Bracket Challenge has been sponsored by Panama City Toyota, PCB Hobby and Buffalo Rock
    • Honorable mention to Caveman Rick who came in 13th overall and 1st among ESPN NWFL staff
Win Prizes Listen to ESPN Northwest Florida